Birthday Sex Should Not be Missed

I wake up feeling Shane between my legs. He was licking my pussy lips and clit slowly, taking his time. His head lies on my naked thighs as he licks me and looks up at me. He looks so adorable, the morning sun falling on him as he licks me. His hands run over my thighs and abdomen. He sneaks his hands above his head and cups my right breast. He weighs it and presses it, playing with it, all the while licking me. He pinches my nipple as I push my boob more into his hand. I mewl and he pushes his tongue inside my pussy. He is spearing me with his thick tongue and playing with my nipples. He goes back to my clit and sucks hard on it. His fingers enter me and he continues to suck on my clit. I come hard on his face. He kisses me fiercely and says “Happy Birthday baby!” I had just got the cute birthday gift ever. Regular sex is fine but it is a special day and birthday sex should never be missed.
”I have a gift for you,” he says. “But only open it when I am out for work. It will keep you satisfied for a few hours till I am back.” I pout. I had asked for a full days’ pleasure as my gift, but a work emergency came up for him. He gets ready as I watch him with hooded eyes. He smiles, gives me a kiss and points to the cupboard. “Your gift. Use it well,” he winks and is then gone.
I pass half the day doing random things. Then I remember the gift and open the cupboard. There lies a strange device. It’s like a small rocking horse…with a rubber penis? Yes, there is a penis attached just below the seat and it’s like a rocking horse. Is this my gift? I try to figure out what it is and sit on it. The minute I rock back the rubber penis enters my vagina a wee bit. I am shocked at the intrusion, but I know just how to use it to my benefit. When we were in a long distance relationship, Shane used to miss me sexually and I had gifted him with a silicone sex doll he could fuck regularly thinking about me.
I take my phone and dial Shane’s number for a video call. He picks up on the second ring. “Hey baby. What’s up?” “I was enjoying my new gift and thought I’d share with you,” I say and show him the horse. Now that I have his attention, I lick my fingers and rub my clit. I can see him watching me. I insert the fingers into my pussy and with Shane watching me, I find myself wet. I set the phone on the table focusing on me as I sit on the horse. I start rocking back and forth and feel the rubber penis entering me. I remove my bra and furiously rock back and forth, my boobs shaking. I moan and bounce on the cock and I am enjoying the sensation when I hear Shane’s voice, “Get up and come here.” He is in the bedroom in front of me. I am going to make this day filled with moans and let you enjoy birthday sex, he said.
I gasp, surprised. I get up seductively and walk towards him. He must have gotten home while I was getting myself off. He pulls out his cock and pushes it towards my mouth. I take him in whole and deep throat him while rubbing his balls. He seems to like it as he spanks my ass and mutters, “Enjoying your birthday gift too much? I’ll show you now.” He pulls me up, only to put me on the bed on my fours. I know he is going to fuck me doggy style. He pushes his cock inside me and I am slick enough to take him in. I moan at his entry and then clench my pussy around him. He groans and slaps my ass.
Then he begins fucking me in earnest. He is spanking my ass again and again while he pushes deeper into me. He reaches around and lewdly twists my clit and I almost shoot off the bed. I cum around him, milking him, as he releases his seed into me. We both lie on the bed exhausted and I know that the day has just begun for me. He will fulfil my every pleasurable whim today and have pleasurable birthday sex too.