Doing What I Please With My Sexy Servant

Alyssa is my sexy servant. Not literally but I like to dominate her sexually. It isn’t BDSM – our relationship, but just that we like role play where she is at my mercy and I can do all kinds of things with her during playtime. But that time I invited a common friend Walter to enjoy playtime with us.
I had prepped Alyssa for him. She was tied up, by her hands and her legs were spread apart. She was naked and I was already on the way to rubbing her clit. Walter entered and stopped near her, watching as I began to arouse her again. She was moaning now, loudly and mewling.  Gyrating to my ministrations. My finger continued to move over her clit and I told Walter, “You are free to touch her, she likes it.” He then bent down and touched her chest. His palm moved down and he cupped one breast and then another. He plumped them and played with them, making her nipples aroused with desire.
I pushed my index finger inside her vagina, which was now lubricated and relaxed. The minute my finger entered she clenched around me.  I began slowly stroking her vagina, coming closer to her g-spot. Walter was sucking her breasts now and she had pushed her chest out allowing him to grab her by the boobs and sucking harder.
I found her g-spot and started to rub her there. My fingers were getting coated in her juices. Then Walter bit her nipple and she came at my hands. She was screaming as she gushed out of her vagina and it pooled near me. Her body was shaking as she went through an orgasm. Walter was awestruck. I smiled and asked him if he wanted Alyssa to suck his cock. He nodded and smiled. Soon he was out of his clothes and pointed his cock at her face.
I took this chance to shove my whole hand inside Alyssa’s snatch. She cried but then quieted down as I began moving my hand in and out of her stretched pussy. She took Walter’s cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. He was slow and was playing with her nipples as she went her way. My hand was moving in and out of her. I could see Walter’s cock getting harder as Alyssa took her time and sucked him. Oh my sexy servant.
Then I began fucking her with my hand and fast. I could hear the swish swish of my movements and then I felt her tighten and she squirted hard. Moaning and shivering as streams of her passion coated my hand. Before she could take some time to gather herself, I pulled out my cock and pushed into her.
She was still coming when I went in. And I could feel her clenching around my raw cock. I grunted as I pushed in and pulled out of her tight body.  Walter was enjoying himself and she began to gag on his aggressive movements. I ran my hands along the length of her body, reminding her to relax. This movement soothed her and she held my hand as she took me in her pussy and Walter in her mouth. She took my other hand and put it on her chest, where I rubbed her a little.
I wanted to fuck hard so I increased my pace and spread her legs further apart. I held onto them, raised them and began moving aggressively. Alyssa was mewling in pleasure and touching her clit as I fucked her hard.
Then I felt the familiar clenching of her pussy around me.  Heard Walter moaning and saw him cum all over Alyssa’s tits. I pressed and pinched her clit as she began thrashing in orgasm. I came in her pussy hard that day. My sexy servant made me so horny.