Finding a sexy nymph in the new intern

I had landed my first official job, right out of college and was working in the accounts section. I was a horny guy, but still a virgin and had zero experience on how to get a girl to do it with me. I got through college by completing it online and never had a chance of meeting and getting cozy with college girls. Getting a degree and a job to put food on the table was more important. But luck favored and I got to meet a sexy nymph soon!
A few weeks into work, I heard stories about cam sites from my male colleagues. They said they had explored it and loved it. I didn’t have a girlfriend so trying one didn’t seem bad. One weekend I got online and checked out this cam site suggested to me by my colleague. I saw Star and immediately clicked on her, starting conversations. I told her about my single status and after a few days of talking to each other, we went into the sexual territory. She would also tell me how to approach a girl and take things forward.
We did role plays and she taught me tricks on holding my orgasm and showed me how a pussy and clit looked like. I was desperate to try this on a woman face to face. This is when I saw Clara, the busty intern for our operations department. She was hot and so fashionable. I got glimpses of her cleavage from time to time and my cock would just get hard looking at her. So, I decided to try to charm the sexy nymph one day.
It was again a Saturday and I was doing some overtime. Clara was also in and it was just us in the whole building. I was working when I saw her frustrated, holding her head in front of the copy machine. It often did that – stop working and then start again suddenly. I took my chance and approached her, “Hey, don’t get irritated. It should start in a bit and if it doesn’t, we will call tech support.” She gave me a sexy smile. “Till that happens, do you want me to distract you?” I asked. She nodded and I pulled her close, kissing her. It lasted a while. “Do you feel better?” I ask.
“Yes, but now I have a different issue. You see here, my cunt, it is itching,” she said. I couldn’t believe it, the sexy nymph herself was giving me permission to do something. I pushed her down on a table and sat in a chair. “Now show me that cunt that is itching,” I said confidently. Star had given me enough confidence. She was slow in lifting her skirt, so I did it and just tore off her panties. I simply dipped down and began kissing her privates. I licked and kissed her clit, which was round and juicy. I then added my tongue to her cunt, licking and trying to rub her entrance. I could hear her sexy whimpers as she sat with her legs spread out.
God, she had a sexy, chunky body and I just wanted to hold on to all of her and fuck her. I was feeling like an animal, the smell of her pussy was making me horny. I hadn’t seen her naked body yet and wanted to, but this was office, so I tell her, “Show me your boobs Clara, now!”
She was breathing hard and with shaking hands, she takes off her top and pulls down the cups of her bra. Wow, her boobies were huge and I wanted to play with them. I stop fingering her clit and just grab both boobs. I press them hard, so much that my fingerprints are on her milky breasts. I press them and massage them, feeling her titties. Then I get to her nipples. I touch it with my fingers – rubbing and squeezing those small balls.
As I start kissing her breasts, I feel her hands on my crotch. She is roughly touching my cock. So, I help her and release my cock into her hands. I can feel her smooth palms caressing me. I suckle her breasts and nibble on her nipples. I want more and more from this goddess. Her curves, skin, the smell is just overwhelming and my cock is ready.
“I want to fuck your pussy now,” I tell her roughly and in response, she lays down on the table and just spreads her legs out. “Condom?” I ask myself and see her pointing to her bag on her desk. I ruffle through it and sure enough, she has one. Excellent, now I can get to it, I think and cover my cock with it.
I twist her clit as I start entering her pussy. The channel is already spasming and it is too much. I stop touching her clit and she relaxes. Then I take my time and slowly edge in. I can feel her pussy, snug around me and I take a deep breath. Then I start fucking her. I hear the slap slap of my balls on her bum, as I penetrate her cunt. “Now is it itching?” I ask her. And she just moans and writhes on the table. She is touching her nipples herself and enjoying this fuck session.
I like it, her pleasure in her hands. I focus on my cock and her pussy and keep moving. Each stroke brings me closer to an orgasm and I remember Star’s words. “Don’t cum too soon. If you feel like you are there, press the base of your cock.” I do that and stop for a few seconds, elongating our fuck session. It is then that I know that I am ready and start fucking her really fast.
My thrusts are faster and harder, the table is shaking. I can only see red lust and nothing else for the sexy nymph. My cock is being squeezed and pressed by her pussy and I am feeling so good. “Make yourself cum,” I tell Clara and she touches her clit. She presses it between her thumb and forefinger and just shoots off. She cums and her pussy is really massaging my cock hard. I can’t hold back anymore so I cum too. I am feeling a gush of pleasure move through me and I just focus on that.
I sit down after we are done and I see the condom. It is full, I will have to clean myself. I see Clara straightening up her clothes. But I want more from the sexy nymph. I proposition to meet her tonight and surprisingly she agrees. Guess she likes my cock as much I like her pussy. So, tonight it is!