Had Sex with My PG Maid

I am a bachelor and working all day along with living along takes a toll. I lived alone in a PG and there is a maid that cooks and cleans for me. Slowly I got addicted to watching porn. I usually used to watch it alone and masturbate. But slowly I started becoming more addicted to it and started watching whenever I could. The story is mine where I had sex with my PG maid, so read on more.
One day I was watching porn in the evening since I was feeling very aroused and wanted to masturbate. My maid was home and cooking so I took the chance. My back was facing the door of my room and my laptop screen was clearly visible from there.
I was lost in watching the man’s maidservant going down on him, sucking him and serving him in every possible way. My mind went to my tender aged maid. Her breasts were big and so was her bottom. However, I never had any sexual feelings for her until now. Now I wanted her to do all those things to me. I fantasised about her while shaking my erection and came really hard.
Now all I could think about was seducing her. I watched her for a few days. She looked so innocent, often unaware of her visible cleavage and tempting breasts. Her thin blouse couldn’t hide her big buds as well. One day when she was cleaning the house, I started watching porn. My mind was on her. I wanted her to see it so that I could seduce her.
She walked towards my room and froze on the door. Her eyes were fixed on my laptop screen where a man was sucking a young girl’s breasts. Then he went down on her and I picked that moment to take out my erection for masturbating and showing it off to her. In a while, I heard her gasp. I peeked from the corner of my eyes and saw her hands under her salwar. It was the time.
Suddenly I turned around to catch her in the act. She froze. When I started walking towards her, she got teary, asking me to forgive her. I put my finger on her lips, held her and brought her inside. I sat on the chair and asked her to sit on my lap. She did. Then I turned on the porn and we started watching together. In a while, I inserted my hands in her loose salwar and caressed her tender hot cunt. She leaned back on me, spread her legs and indicated that she was ready to be taken. I took turns in mauling her boobs and playing with her cunt. She wiggled in my lap and my erection was set at her chubby ass. I wanted to fuck her right then and there. But I wanted her desperate for it. I took off her kurti and bra and started kissing her bare-back while playing with her boobs.
Then I turned her around so that she was sitting astride me. My erection was at the door of her went cunt. The only thing preventing it from getting inside was her salwar and my shorts. I sucked and played with her breasts for a while. When I couldn’t handle more, I stood up, took off her salwar and my shorts. Then I sat back and made her stand astride over my cock. Then I slowly pushed her down on it. As her tender cunt expanded, she shouted with pain. I sucked her buds to take her mind off the pain and then pushed again. I waited till her pain subsided then started moving her slowly. After a short time, she herself was jumping up and down on my cock. It didn’t take me long to cum and she came with me. I had sex with my PG maid and it was a mind blowing experience for me. We continued our sexual relation until I left the PG.