Hot Outdoor Sex With the Maid During the Annual Party

I remember the time I went to Mr and Mrs Lewis’ parties. Every year they threw an annual bash, complete with over the top decor and food. That year, I was sixteen and a hot Latina was serving cocktails. I was instantly attracted and got a hard on. She was wearing this short black dress, showing off her toned legs in heels. I was going to fuck her in those, I knew it. My kinky imaginations led to outdoor sex with the maid.
The party was on in full swing and she had gone out to the balcony. I could see her smoking in the open air. No one was out there. So, I quietly went out and stood behind her. There were no words spoken. I slowly let my hands wander to her hands and arms. I rubbed her arms and brought her closer. The cigarette fell from her hands and I intertwined my hands with hers.
I could her feel her harsh and fast breathing. “Are you scared?” I whispered. “No,” she sounded hoarse. As if to confirm, her hand found my hard cock that had tented my pants. She squeezed me there and began rubbing me through my clothes. Behind me I could hear the party, but no one came out here. I was happy being under the stars and my imaginations had already reached high.
I didn’t want to kiss, I just wanted pure fucking and I would take it. I pulled her closer and immediately groped her breasts. The neck was low, showing her ample cleavage as I pumped and pressed her generous mounds. I was so fascinated with those bulbous domes, moving and jiggling to my ministrations.
I wanted to play with them more. So, I turned her around and pulled those out of her dress. They were a good size with brown nipples. I couldn’t control myself and I bent down to bite them. I wanted to chew and bite more, but she yelped so I sucked on them to make the pain go away. I grabbed both her tits and shoved my face in between. I pressed them hard, let them sway, slapped them and even sucked on them a good bit.
I began twisting the nipples as they became turgid to my touch. She was moaning and clutching at my shoulders. Looking at the white-hot desire in her eyes, I couldn’t stop. There was a bench nearby and I lifted her leg on it. I immediately began touching her clit over her panties. She was soaked through and I could smell her. I pushed the panties aside to find her channel. I pushed in two fingers and she moaned. She almost leaned on me as I sat down on the bench. Her boobs were above my face, her nipples brushing against my lips. I sucked on them again as I pumped my fingers in and out of her, enjoying her reaction.
Her arousal dripped down my hands and I still couldn’t stop. Once I rubbed her clit hard and bit her nipple. She came as I my finger went inside her pussy again. It was glorious. I wanted to feel that on my cock. So, I immediately unzipped my hard cock and put on a condom. Without waiting, I got up and pushed her face down on the bench. Her ass was high up for me to slap and fuck. Her face was close to the seat.
I plunged my hard length into her soft, warm channel. She was squeezing around me, but my horny self, loved it. I laughed and slapped her ass. When I did that her pussy automatically gripped me hard. “Like being slapped huh?” I laughed. “Yes,” she whimpered. Then I began pounding into her, as she tried to hold me inside her cunt. I would slide out and slide in back without mercy. I wanted to rub her walls hard and let her squeeze me dry. I could hear my balls slapping against her ass and I slapped her with my hands too. I did not bothered that I was having outdoor sex with the maid and someone could see. The pleasure was much higher than fear.
When I knew I was close, I held on to her breasts and began riding her hard. I was squeezing her breasts harder and now she was beginning to scream a little. I pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits hard as I came, and she squirted all over my cock.
That night of outdoor sex with the maid was so hot I still think about it to masturbate.