My dad’s secretary trained me why to come to the office

My name is Ashley, I am 18 years old. Most people would describe me as outgoing and laid back. My parents are quite successful. My mother is a human rights lawyer and my father runs a large company. I guess that’s why they place such high expectations on me. They say laid-back means lazy and my only drive is to a party, but what do they know? I will get to my dad’s secretary part of the story little later.
I know deep down my dad likes the idea of me taking over his company, he has even said he will change the name to add “and sons” to make it feel mine, but that makes me feel trapped. My dad is always offering me a job or encouraging me to take a work placement, so I get “work experience”. But we both know that’s a one-way ticket to servitude. Every time I turn it down, I have to deal with awkward silences around the dinner table and looks of disappointment and it just makes me want to rebel.
Here’s the problem though, or at least I thought so…
Last month, I met some friends. It was a Thursday, so I didn’t expect to drink, but the lads were saying “it’s basically the weekend”, and the vibe was there, so whatever, it happened. The problem was that I drove home that night. I was ok for the most part, but a block or two away, I noticed the police turn onto the main road I was on and there was no one else around. I figured they might pull me over, so I sped off and lost them through back streets, but my heart rate was high and amidst the panic, when reversing onto our driveway, I hit my dad’s car completely damaging his wing and the back of my car. Fuck.
I didn’t wake up until 10 am the next morning.  My dad’s car was still on the drive, but he wasn’t home. Fuck. I went downstairs and my mum was working on her laptop. “Your dad’s at work, he is leaving early today, he’ll be home by 4. Looks like you two have some talking to do”. I didn’t know what to say. I spent the whole day in a pit of anxiety.
My dad gets home and calls for a family meeting. Me on one side of the table, he and my mother, the lawyer sitting beside him, both looking less than pleased. It felt like a disciplinary hearing. “So, that’s two cars damaged, we can go through the insurance, but then our premiums go up next year. I have spoken to Max, our friendly mechanic, he estimates the cost of repair is £3,000. How do you intend to pay?”. I looked down at the table and uttered, “I can’t”. The feeling of shame was overwhelming.
“Right, you’re gonna have to work it off then. You start Monday morning bright and early”. Fuck, he had me and he knew it. “Ok then”, I said. I looked up to see them glance at each other with a smile on their faces, it was almost as though they planned this.
When Monday came, I was less than excited. I wondered how many of my dad’s work colleagues knew that my fuck up was the reason for being there. We got to his office at 8:15, half an hour before the regular staff got there. Standing by reception was Duncan, the chairman. He had a cheeky grin, so I knew he knew. “Welcome aboard”. He was tapping the lobby desk and said “this is where you will be starting, there is no privilege here”. Both he and my dad chuckled before my dad said “but not before you’ve made our tea”. I just hated it. I knew I was going to be at the brunt of every joke.
They told me to stand and greet whenever someone entered the building; they showed me how to record people visiting and leaving, and how to forward calls.  It was a simple enough job, too simple – I wasn’t sure how much of this mind-numbing work I could take. “That’s a crash course, Marissa will show you the rest when she gets here after her dentist appointment”. Both Duncan and my dad started laughing. Great, I thought. As the staff started rolling in, I felt the pain of guessing which members of staff knew about my little accident, it was like a horrible game.
By 9:15 almost everyone had arrived and there was very little for me to do. I was bored and feeling rebellious, so I decided to spice things up with a bit of VR porn. My dick was hard and I was stroking it over my trousers. The friction from the material felt nice. All of a sudden, the entrance door opened and someone walked in, umbrella first. In a panic, I minimized the screen and stood as directed, completely disregarding my hard-on. As the umbrella closed, it revealed a gorgeous young woman in a tight red dress, cleavage subtly on display, red lipstick that perfectly matched her dress. “Good morning, you must be Ashley. I’m Marissa, your dad’s secretary”. I was like a deer in the headlights. She looked me up and down, and then I remembered my boner and instantly pulled out some of my shirt to cover it, she giggled and said “I can see you’re excited about your first day at work”. Fuck, she saw, why didn’t I just sit down?
“Erm, yeah, who wouldn’t be”. I sound like a geek. I offered her a cup of tea just to get out of the room, so I could compose myself. She agreed. “How do you like it?”, I asked. “Warm, wet and a little sweet”, she said, while maintaining eye contact. I wasn’t sure if she was flirting with me or toying with me because she had seen my boner.
I recomposed myself and I was good to go. She was hot and I was hooked. I brought over her tea and we made small talk. I even got a few laughs out of her. I thought, great, I’m in.
Then the phone rang, it was my dad asking Marissa to sort out the mailroom. She raised her eyebrows and said we would continue our chat later, but as she climbed the stairs, she stopped, still facing the other way and said, “Oh, and Ashley”, with a brief pause that felt like forever, while I stood there admiring the shape of her ass and legs. She turned around and said, “And, no more porn, big brother, or in your case, big daddy is watching”. She pointed upstairs. She giggled and walked off. Fuck, she saw. I felt so embarrassed but I knew my dad’s secretary is fucking hot.
Twenty minutes later, the reception phone rang. It was Marissa. She asked me to bring the rubber stamp to the mailroom. When I got there, she was just putting the last of the mail into pigeon holes. I tried to make a joke of it, suggesting that her pigeon hole must feel left out, and she rolled her eyes, still maintaining a bit of a grin.
“Could you help me with something?”, she asked. “Sure”, I said. “My tongue is a little tired, can you lick this one last stamp for me?”. I was sure it was a joke. Apart from the work, my dad’s secretary is naughty.
Marissa, sat back on the desk behind her, again making full eye contact. She lifted her legs onto the desk and slowly pulled up her skirt to reveal her moist pair of knickers with the words “first-class” printed on it. I was in shock. I stood there staring, cock solid and bursting through my trousers.
“Well?”, she said, staring at me, tugging on her knickers. I looked at the door, knowing that anyone could walk in, but Marissa told me it was lunchtime. I looked at my watch, she was right. “I guess you don’t want to”, she said, as she went to climb down off the desk. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in between her thighs. I could smell her pussy and feel how damp her knickers were. I tore them down and began licking her pussy. It was so sweet, with her tiny little clit in my mouth. She began to moan in pleasure. I was so enthusiastic that my face was burning from the stubble on her pussy and I was in the heaven with my dad’s secretary.
Then, she pushed me off. “You’re right, my pigeonhole is quite lonely, why don’t you fill it for me”. Without any hesitation, I bent her over the desk and placed one of her legs on the table. I took out my hard cock and thrust it deep inside her. I felt like I was in heaven. I began moving in and out of her cunt. She is tight and wet and I am hard. So, I continue fucking her. Her pussy is like a warm glove that gives me suction. After a bit, I felt her pussy really coming down on my cock. It was squeezing and massaging me and I knew I was going to come. But before I could unload on her, I pinched her pussy and pulled out. “Uhhh, uhhh,” I heard her go as I shot out cum on her ass. When I came down from my high, I wiped her ass with tissues and zipped myself up.
She cleaned herself up and giggled as she left the room, but not before turning back at me to say “Same time tomorrow?”.
I never complained about going to work again as my dad’s secretary trained me why to come to the office.