Pounding my girlfriend’s ass on the roof

I had been craving anal sex for a while now and my girlfriend was away on work. But she was returning tomorrow and I decided to give her an ass-elusive surprise. She would be horny, having to wait so long and I would be ready to give it.  So, I planned it all on the roof of our apartment. I added lights and prepped for dinner and at 6 pm she arrived. I have been pounding my girlfriend’s ass but I wanted to change the place.
I blindfolded her and led her upstairs to the roof. We were eating our meal and I playfully touched her feet with my toes. She giggled and left her half eaten pasta and came over to my side. “I love this,” she said pointing to the lights and decorations. She kissed my nose playfully. “I want more than that,” I said and took her lips against mine. I kissed her gently at first, savoring what her lips tasted like and nibbling on those soft plump lips. Then the intensity increased when I just felt like consuming her, of fusing with her. She kissed me back and made little, sexy noises that turned me on.
I pushed her back and lay her down on the soft mattress that I had set up. Food would have to wait now as I wanted sex. As she lay down on the mat, I pulled down her slacks along with panties. I lay on top of her and kissed her again, sucking on her tongue. I was pushing her top off her belly and wanted to pull it completely away. I did it eventually while kissing her and touching her sexy body. I unclasped her bra and her boobs came into view. My girl was chubby and had a great rack. I wanted to suck on her nipples and sleep on the soft cushions.
I plucked on her engorged nipples as she moaned in pleasure. I watched her face morph into pleasure as I continued to touch her boobs. I wanted to suck on her nipples and may be nibble on them. So, I bent down and began kissing her chest. Then, I spread her legs and parted her folds. As I was sucking on her nipples, whispering dirty things to her, I also began to touch her clit. She was moaning amorously and her legs were hugging my waist and back.
I rubbed her clit harder and then pushed the tip of the thumb in her pussy. She was warm and wet. To add further pleasure, I pulled out the clit vibrator that I found from a sex toys online website. I used the vibrator on her pussy while pressing her boobs. When I stopped the vibrator, a gush of liquid followed. I used that as lubrication to touch her clit more fervently. I was getting harder now and I couldn’t wait longer. So, I quickly undressed and got over her. I kissed her hands, then in one stroke entered her tight channel. It was pulsing around me as I moved in and out of her pussy. She was holding my cock and massaging it at once. But there was something more I wanted. I held on to her and whispered, “I want your ass.” She grinned and nodded. I have always been pounding my girlfriend’s ass and we both love it.
I slipped in behind her, spooning her. I held her breast and kissed some more behind her ears. She is giggling and pulling at my cock. I hold my cock and add some lube to it. Then I add some lube to the asshole and begin massaging it inside. At first, I just put inside the first half of my thumb and then rubbed the gel inside. Then I pushed it further as she held her body tight. “Relax, just relax,” I tell her. She relaxes and I proceed to fuck her ass with my thumb. I pull out and add two fingers adding more lube to the channel.
I pull out again and make her spread her legs, she is holding them up, almost close to her chest, but they are parted. I gently try to push in my cock in her asshole. I take one stroke and only the head of my cock penetrates. “Ahh, ahh,” she moans. Then I try again and make her comfortable with my head. And then I fully gain entry into her ass. I begin rocking in and out of her, fucking her anus. The things about assholes are that the ring around the entrance is tight. And every time you fuck the ass, it squeezes and holds you hard. I feel so good, taking her ass and then I remember that I need to give her pleasure too.
So, as I slow down, I hold her by the breast and play with her nipples for a bit. Then I push two fingers inside her pussy to rub her. Her pussy grabs at my fingers, not letting them go, squeezing them. As soon as she squeezes my fingers, her ass too squeezes my cock. I jolt with the sensation. I keep fingering her pussy and let her move her ass around my cock. Then I pull my fingers out and begin pounding her ass with my cock again. The asshole is tight and warm and I know that I am going to cum soon. So, I finger her pussy again and this time manage to reach her g-spot. “Uuuunnnhhhhh!” she mewls and squirts jizz out.
I then pound her ass harder and she squeezes me so hard. This time, my semen shoots out into her ass. I am still fucking her ass as she holds up her legs. So, I put one leg on my hip and the other goes down on the mat. Now as I relax, I still move inside her. My fingers are inside her pussy-folds and I am still touching her clit, giving her jolts of pleasure.
We spent the whole night on the terrace, hugging, kissing and fucking. I had blankets and each other’s warm bodies so we didn’t get cold at all. I am waiting to try this at a more adventurous as it definitely turns the both of us on. Surprising and pounding my girlfriend’s ass was a nice experience, and we want to try new things as well.