Sex with My Niece Natalie

I was attracted to Nat. Natalie which was her full name. Ever since she turned sixteen, these feelings bubbled up and I couldn’t hide the fact anymore. It was her 20th birthday and I wanted to give her a gift to remember. I wanted to have sex with my niece, desperately. She was my stepbrother’s daughter, but we never treated each other as step siblings.
I know she looked at me, more specifically ogled at my body when she thought I wasn’t looking. But my patience was withering. I was at my stepbrother’s house and it was pouring outside. That why I had stayed over after her birthday celebrations. I was walking to the bathroom when the door opened and there she stood in a threadbare shirt, fresh from a shower. My cock stood up at full salute and she noticed it. She put her hand forward and touched my hard staff and I knew that I was a goner. Mere thoughts of sex with my niece was making me wild.
I let her explore my cock by touching it. But then I couldn’t take any more. I picked her up and took her to my room. I closed the door and pressed her against the door. I could feel her whole body against mine and then I took her lips. The kiss was scorching hot. The little whimpers she made when I pushed my tongue into her mouth got my dick harder. I grasped her tight ass and squeezed it, bringing her closer, grinding into her. I could see her nipples clearly now, pointing at me, wanting my attention.
I cup her breasts and roll my fingers over her tight buds. I keep kissing her as I touch and pinch her nipples. Her hands are on my ass, pulling me closer to her pussy. I pull back for a second and takes off her shirt. She unbuttons mine. We both explore each other’s bodies against the door. I squeeze and plump her breasts, fascinated by the way it looks and shapes it takes at my fingers. Then I bend down and take it in my mouth sucking hard. She gasps and holds my head to her tit.
My fingers make way to her nether region and she isn’t wearing any panties. I part her folds and find her slick and wet. I rub her clit slowly and then push one digit into her channel. She is super wet and I rub her little g-spot. She shuts her legs together but I push them apart with my knees. “Give me that orgasm Nat,” I whisper in her ear. She moans and comes on my fingers, squeezing me hard.
I grin. “I am going to take your pussy now,” I tell her. “Yes! Please,” she mumbles. I lay her down on my bed and look at her naked body. Thank heavens for the thunderstorm; no one will be able to hear her scream of pleasure. I remove my shorts and lie over her. I spread her arms apart, over her head and hold them there with my own. I kiss her and rub my cock over her slick pussy lips. The head of my cock is bumping against her large clit and she writhes and moans every time I touch it with my fat cock head. I keep doing that till she wraps her legs around my waist and tries to grind on me.
Then I position myself at her pussy hole and just go in. Her channel is so tight I can barely hold still. “I am going to fuck you rough and hard. I am going to fuck my niece,” he says and begins rocking back and forth.  I fuck her hard and she rocks my world. He tight pussy clenches around me and milks me till I can’t shoot more semen into her. I take her four more times that night and each time I find complete pleasure in her body. Our relation continued and I find sex with my niece to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever done.