Sexy Servant who made me her dog

My name is Diago and I am just 18 years old. I am currently in my senior high and I belong to a very rich family. My parents both works very hard to provide me with all the luxury I want. My father owns a steel factory and my mother is a fashion designer. Before getting into the story of the sexy servant, a brief intro about us.
For a while now, my father is not keeping well and I feel that his business is soon going to be mine as my mother is busy with her work and she would never change her profession for this. In my parents’ house, apart from my parents, we have a servant and his wife Leela living with us. Her age is 35, yet she doesn’t look like it. She has a dark complexion and her figure is approximately 38-33-40.  Most of the people find her fat but for me, she seems very sexy. I have always adored fat women with big breasts and she was the perfect sexy servant.
I am mad about their heavy fat boobs, juicy pussy and thick fat thighs to hold. Whenever I see Leela my dick automatically starts getting hard and I feel like holding her from behind and having sex with her.
One day I woke up early in the morning but I was still sleepy and was seeing Leela in my dreams. While thinking of her, my dick got hard and I started moving it slowly while lying in bed with my eyes closed. While moving my hand I was moaning Leela’s name.
During this time, I didn’t know when she entered my room and saw all of this. She became so angry that she threw a pen stand at my dick, nearly giving me a heart attack. She said that she will tell my father. I knew my father has given me all the luxury I wished for. But if he gets to know about this, he will surely kill me.
I got very scared and went down on my knees, begging her not to tell him. I was so scared that I told her that after one year all my father’s business would be mine. And after that, I would give her lots of money as compensation. She started thinking and after a few minutes, she told me to give this to her in writing.
I gave her in writing, but after that, she said that whatever I had just said to her, she had recorded it. Now she didn’t want a whole lot of money, but now she wanted me to be her slave and do whatever she asks me to do.
I was stuck in such a situation that saying no was not in my hand. She afterwards said me to get ready for my school and at night after everyone sleeps she will tell me what I need to do for her. Somehow the day passed by and at night, Leela came into my room and told me to get ready for training.
She told me to get undressed and sit like a dog licking her feet. I did it, after which she said, “I will tell you to do one thing only and if you did what I ask, then you will be free. But if you fail, then the recording will be made public.”
I asked her what I had to do. She replied that I had to have sex with her and hearing that I was happy. There were butterflies in my stomach. She asked me to tie her legs and hands and fuck her as hard as I can. She has a fantasy about BDSM sex which she wanted to be fulfilled by me.
I became nervous and happy at the same time. I was a virgin until that day. After tying her, I pushed my dick inside and it felt warm. But after 40 seconds I came inside her. It was my first time and I never knew I would last this long. But I again tried and this time I fucked her for a few minutes, but again the same thing happened. I untied her and said I was exhausted and tired. She was very angry and she held my dick, sucking it very hard. She pressed my balls as if they were playthings to squeeze. I was in pain but I wanted to enjoy it as well. She then told me to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her. It was new for me but her pussy was sweet and I was enjoying it. And meanwhile, she was enjoying and moaning hard. I parted her folds and licked her. She tasted salty and tangy, but I loved that I licking someone’s pussy. I was a horny boy and this was dream come true with a sexy servant.
My dick began growing hard again and I began moving against the mattress. Leela had spread her legs and she was moving her hips to rub against my mouth. I got agitated and pinched her clit with my teeth. She jumped in pain and made lie on the bed. She sat on me and began pressing and massaging my dick. She was pressing my balls hard and I was still horny. She then sat on my dick and suddenly I was inside her pussy. Her vagina wasn’t as tight as I had imagined but I was fucking. Or rather she was fucking me.
She began jumping on my cock and I could feel her pussy walls pressing my cock. I wanted to hold those huge breasts that were jumping. So, I pulled down her top and squeezed them. “Ahhh!” she cried out and her pussy clenched me harder. I came again and this time I was so exhausted that I fell asleep.
It all felt as if some dream of mine is coming true. Then in my dreamy state I saw that the door opened and her husband came inside. He pulled Leela off, shouting obscenities and took her away. I fell back asleep and the next day they were gone leaving behind the memories of the sexy servant.