The day I Fucked my Stepmother against the Garden wall

We had a huge garden which had been walled on all sides. But because it was so big, we had difficulty in maintaining it. Dad would be away on business a lot and I had school. My stepmother tried to manage it but it wasn’t easy work. She often nagged me about it and it irritated me and one day I just gave it back to her.
It was a normal Tuesday afternoon and I had just returned from college. Marta, my stepmother was on about how the garden was overgrowing and I should take a look at it. I was getting annoyed now so I pushed her up against the fridge to tell her to shut it. But her hands got trapped near my crotch and my arms were touching against her huge breasts. Instead of saying anything my hands began moving over her breasts.  I hadn’t fucked my stepmother but now I was thinking. They were so soft that I pressed them again and again in fascination, drawing moans from her.
Her fingers were moving lightly over my now hard bulge and I honestly wanted to hump her. I had never noticed those large creamy breasts but now I was going to see it. I pulled down her top and stopped her from covering those creamy globes. They were seriously smooth with pink nipples suspended from them. The nipples were large and I had this desire to chew on them.
I reached out to touch one nipple, circled my thumb around it and pressed it in. It popped back up and I twisted it slightly. I was so fascinated by that puckered nub that I finally bent down and took it in my mouth. She resisted. “You won’t let your son drink your milk?” I joked.
I held her arms apart and sucked on the nipple. She moaned and ground her hips against mine. I sucked harder and my fingers lifted her dress to touch her panties. She was wet. And right at that time, the door opened so I moved away from her. We were in the kitchen so she got a chance to pull up her dress when my dad walked in. That night I dreamt that I fucked my stepmother.
A few days later, when I returned home from classes I saw her working in the garden. Her light skin was flushed and pink as she dug the ground in her tiny dress. Her ass was up in the air and I could see a little bit of her panties from here. My dick instantly hardened and I clutched at it to stop it from growing. But this action made me harder faster.
I walked out to the garden and put my hand under her dress. She stilled as I touched her whole round ass and realised she was wearing a thong. If I slapped her hard, there would be a handprint. She then gasped and moved away. I grinned and pushed her up against the wall and licked her neck.
“Don’t you want me suck on your tits like the other day? Huh? Didn’t you like it? I sure did. The taste of your tits is imprinted on my mind.” I said. She was standing still, her breasts heaving from hard breathing. “Give me your tit,” I commanded. I thought she wouldn’t oblige but then she pulled back her bikini top to reveal a flushed pink breast with a turgid nipple pointing at me. I laughed. “Aroused, are you?”
Before waiting for her response, I bent and took her breast in my mouth. I touched and fondled her left breast, massaging and pressing till she writhed in my embrace. I finally pulled back and then dropped to my knees. I pulled off her thongs and pushed her dress up. I rubbed her folds, so smooth, I wanted to explore it slowly. True, anyone could see us, but that was a part of the thrill.
I then parted her folds to find her glistening moist clit and it was quite big. I knew I could bite it if I wanted to. I rubbed my lips over that area, making out with her pussy lips and licking the clit. Then I pulled back, watched her face and began pinching and rubbing her clit harder. Her face showed ecstasy so I continued. Her hips started moving on their own and then I pushed in two fingers.
She moaned low and held up her dress so I could continue to pleasure her. My finger fucking increased in pace and I could hear the wet sounds her pussy was making. Her cunt didn’t want to let go of my fingers and I thought how my cock would like it.
I withdrew my fingers and she looked sullen. “Don’t worry, I will give you my cock,” I smiled. I lay her down on a garden bench and pushed her legs apart I could clearly see the pink of her cunt and I was excited. My cock lurched at the sight as I pulled it out. I didn’t wait any longer and just pushed my rod inside her tight pussy.
“Ahhh!” we both moaned in unison. I began fucking her cunt like I didn’t have time. She was wet and my cock was easily gliding in and out of her body. I didn’t care about condoms or anything. There was just this raw need to fuck her. Her pussy was tightly holding my cock as I fucked her and I knew I would come soon.
I grabbed her tit hard and then slapped it. As soon as I did that, her pussy began convulsing around me and she was mewling. My cock was loving it but I couldn’t handle it more. I immediately pulled out and spilled on her tits. As I was cumming, I laughed and finger fucked her pussy again. Then when I was done, I rubbed my cum onto her bulbous domes as she lay there satiated. I had fucked my stepmother and loved it.
“Next time I want to take your tight ass and slap those juicy bums,” I said. She lay there quiet, just looking at me dazedly. I slapped her clit and she literally jumped. “Yes or no?” I asked. “Yes,” she whispered and I smiled wickedly. After then, I fucked my stepmother numerous times.