The night I was pleasured by my neighbour

I am Natalia, a shemale and I have enjoyed rough sex a lot. I like fucking both men and women as long as I am satisfied. This one night I was literally made to get pleasured by my neighbour and I enjoyed it a lot. He had just jumped me and entered my apartment forcefully. I got scared and resisted but the minute he kissed me I relaxed.
“So, you want to have a dalliance with me?” I asked Jory. “I want to fuck you and suck on your cock. Will you let me?” he asked. I smiled and hugged him, whispering a quick yes. I was a little shy as I didn’t know he was interested in this. He takes me to the bedroom and pushed me against the wall. My back is to him and I was enjoying it.
He rips the bra and my boobs fall out, crushed against the wall. He slaps my ass as I squirm and then grabs my boobs with both hands. He is squeezing my breasts and I can feel his rough hands awaken my nipples. I reach back and get ahold of his rigid cock. “I am going to suck your cock Natalia,” Jory says and I feel a shiver run through me.
Meanwhile he shoves me on the bed and undresses himself. My hands are tied and lifted up as he pulls down my jeans. My boobs are in his eyes and I can see desire mounting. I feel my cock rise as he starts to rub his cock on mine. He is straddling me and pressing my boobs harder. I cannot stop him with my tied hands so I just moan. He slaps one boob and it hits the nipple. I moan again. He seems to enjoy that. He is now bent and suckling on my nipples. He is moaning himself now as he enjoys sucking and biting my boobs.
I am loving this decision of getting pleasured by my neighbour. Now he goes down, licking my body and I know what he is about to do. “The lube is in the bedside drawer,” I tell him and he smiles. He gets to my crotch and I can feel a light wetness of his tongue go over my cock and balls. My cock twitches in response. “Hmmm, you like this huh?” he asks and does it again. My cock twitches again. He then swiftly takes the head in his mouth and starts sucking. He is sucking hard and I immediately feel pleasure course through me.
“Ohhh! Ohh!” I scream as I feel his tongue hovering over the opening on my cock. He is naked and his hips are moving, I know he is rubbing himself against the mattress. He is also rubbing my balls with his hands and I feel so good. I start pumping my hips in order to get more of my cock in his mouth. He realizes that and takes me inside more. I can feel his warm mouth cover me. I am soaked in his saliva and he is sucking me. He bobs his head up and down, my foreskin moves back and the sensitive part is exposed. This is pure heaven as his tongue covers the exposed area.
Then he stops and looks up, “Where is the lube?” I point to the dresser and he gets it. He takes a generous amount and covers his fingers with it. My cock is erect as he adds the lube to my butthole and slowly massages one finger in. “Ahh,” I moan as he eases in and my cock twitches. He comes back down and puts his mouth on my cock. He begins sucking again and keeps massaging my asshole, adding another finger.
He is fucking my ass with his fingers as he sucks on my cock. I feel immense pleasure and a drop of precum gets released. That stops him. He puts me on my fours and adds a lube covered penis to my ass. His head is bulbous and I feel pain as he pushes in. “No, no, no,” I say but he pushes in anyway. Then he stops and lets me adjust to his girth. He is quite thick. As a normal reaction, my ass squeezes his cock and I can hear him curse.
Then he starts to move in and out of my ass. I am being rammed and filled by him and I am pushing back enjoying this fuck. His cock is rubbing my walls in my ass and I feel too good. He grabs my cock and presses it before starting to give me a handjob. We fuck and fuck till I feel my walls close around him. He is still rubbing my dick and then proceeds to touch my balls. I feel the orgasm move through me and I release semen, screaming. I hear Jory grunt and feel him release his cum in my ass.
After that he collapses on me and we both fall on the bed. He is holding my boobs and plucking my nipples as we catch our breaths. “This was the best fuck in a while and I got pleasured by my neighbour,” he tells me. I smile and know that he will come again tomorrow.