Unexpected Sensual Encounter with my Mother

I am Neil and this is the story of a sensual encounter with my mother. It all happened last year when I went to my home in the countryside to spend my holidays. I didn’t inform my mother about my arrival as I wanted to give her a surprise. As I entered the door, which was open as usual, I saw my mother in a white see-through nightgown, cooking breakfast. I hugged her from behind but unlike other times I felt different as if she is burning, burning from inside.
I ignored it and kissed her on her cheeks. She smiled and turned around to give me a hug, but it again felt unusual. I noticed my mom holding me tighter than ever in her arms. I thought maybe she was just missing me. That evening she wore a red transparent dress. We reached the venue in my Dad’s old van. Just to tell you, my Dad died when I was 5 and ever since then, my mother has raised me all by herself. As we entered the party, I saw a few of my dad’s friends. The guy who was about to get engaged himself came to us and welcomed us.
We left that place after 2 hours. After having milk, I was lying in my bed when my mother knocked on my door. She came inside in a see-through black gown and asked me if she can sleep with me as I am home after a long while. I agreed. We were lying next to each other when my hand accidentally touched her waist. As I was removing it, she got hold of it and placed it properly on her waist, tightening my grip. She started breathing heavily. I got an idea what she is craving for but was not sure. To check, I moved my hand from her waist to thighs. I pulled her dress up a little. She gave no reaction.
Then, I played with her navel using my index finger and slowly slid it inside her panty. Her pussy was clean shaved and smooth. I rubbed her pussy gently. She was moaning in a low voice. Then I inserted a finger in her pussy, slowly finger-fucking her. She moaned loudly and grabbed the end of her pillow tightly. As I increased the pace, her moaning sounds increased. I then took my hand out of her panty and placed it on her waist to turn her around. She turned around. She held my head and pulled me closer to her big boobs which led to the most sensual encounter with my mother.
I placed my hands on her back and tore her dress. I was rock hard by now and wanted to get in her quickly. She then removed it completely. I sucked her nipples passionately and her grip on my hair tightened. I slipped my hand to her ass and gave a spank. Then I asked her to spread her legs and when she did, I rubbed her calf while giving her slow and wet kisses on the neck. She suddenly turned her head towards me and kissed me on my lips. She got on top of me and continued smooching me passionately. She got up and removed my shorts to free up my manhood.
She crawled back a bit and bent down to reach my cock. She licked my underwear and slowly removed it with the grip of her teeth. She kissed the tip of my dick and licked my pre-cum. She stroked my dick, licked it and sucked my balls. While doing this, she looked at me, straight in my eyes, making me even more crazy for her. She then stood up on the bed and removed her panty and came sat on top of me in a cow-girl position, ready to ride my mighty cock. The moment she sat on my dick, I let out a moan and she began riding me. I placed my hands on her ass and kept spanking it while she rode me. She bent forward and kissed my lips, neck and ears. She was moaning like a tigress not been feed for years.
After a while, I took control of fucking and penetrated her hard in that position only. She was moaning loud. Then, I lifted her and put her down on the bed and got on top of her. I spread her legs wide and inserted my cock inside her and fucked her hard while grabbing her by her hair. I was about to cum and she demanded me to release it in her mouth. I took my dick and stroked it on her tongue and within a few seconds, my white juice was in her mouth and she swallowed it and looked me in the eyes with satisfaction.
I enjoyed the sensual encounter with my mother and we continue to maintain our incest relationship.