When I got laid and had sex with my stepmother

When I turned 18, I was moving out to California for college. As my stay wasn’t figured yet, my mom invited my dad to our home and proposed the idea of me living with him and his wife for a few months. My dad and his wife were very happy to hear that and came all the way to Toronto to pick me up. I was never close to my dad, but I always remembered my first experience of sex with my stepmother.
I was 14 and my dad left me alone in the house to go out and run some errands. I was very excited and got myself the much hyped, Pamela Anderson’s movie. As I lay on the couch watching porn, I put my hands in my pants and touched myself. It was a new feeling as I had discovered masturbation just a few weeks ago. My cold hands rubbing over my warm cock. I felt every twitch and curve in my pants. It was mind boggling. So, I closed my eyes and rimmed the sticky tip of my penis. As I got harder, I gently tried to pull the skin back, just how Pamela did it for her partner in her movie. That’s when my stepmom, Sharon walked in.
She stood there for a minute, staring at me, touching myself with my eyes closed. As the moans of Pamela got louder, I slowly opened my eyes to peep. I was startled at the sight of my stepmom. I immediately removed my hands from my pants and sat upright. I was ashamed of myself. I was confused, lost on what to say or how to react. I was scared that she might rat me out to our family. But I was wrong. She sat next to me and smiled. Staring at my boner she giggled to say, “Oh, so what do we have here now?” and laid her hands over it. I sat there silently, staring at the floor. She gave me a gentle squeeze and giggled. “Can I give it a shot to be your Pamela, Mike?” she asked. I knew where this question was headed.
My friends always bragged about how getting laid with an elder woman was an experience of a lifetime, and here was my chance, so I nodded. She sat in front of my and lifted my chin to give me a peck on my lips. Her fruity perfume filled my lungs and gave me a spasm. She moved back to unbutton her blouse. I could see her milky white titties in her purple laced bra. I couldn’t help but stare. She lifted my palms and placed them on her tits, I gasped. Then, she unzipped my pants and made me lay on the couch. She moved her mouth close to my manhood and gave me a suck. I croaked. She sucked me for a bit to fill me with enough courage and lay her petite body on the carpet. She was surprised at my strength, I smiled, guiltily.
She knew where this was going, so she immediately unzipped her pants and removed her purple laced panties. I kneeled over her to kiss her, face, breast and stomach. I kept kissing for a while, till she realised this was my first time. So, she whispered, “Let me take care of you Mike” and rolled me over. She unhooked her bra, spread her legs and sat on me. I was flabbergasted at the sight over me. She was my goddess and I could kill to have that moment with her. Mere thoughts of having incest sex with my stepmother was driving me crazy. That feeling was blinding, till a point I was in heaven with my closed eyes about to fill her warm cunt up. I let loose and gushed out my warm juices, filling up Sharon between her legs. She slowly pulled me out and wiped her leaking cunt with my T-shirt. I quickly got up and wore my clothes, I was dying of embarrassment. The mere thought that I had stepmother sex was killing me. She leaned in to give me a peck and left for the bathroom.
The doorbell rang and it was my dad. He looked at my messy hair, chuckled and said, “Ooh, looks like someone got lucky” to walk inside the home and spanked my stepmom’s ass.